Skippered Yacht Charter

Our skippered yacht charter packages are a great way for a family or group of friends/colleagues to get out sailing, with the confidence that comes from having a professional skipper on hand to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

Each of our skippered charters is bespoke, with exclusive use of a suitable yacht and our dedicated skipper. They are ideal when:

  • Your family/group would like a sailing holiday but have limited or no experience.

  • You want to sail somewhere new but don't have the experience or confidence to go there unaided.

  • You would like some informal training for your family or friends but you don’t want a standard course.

  • You want to take family or friends on a longer cruise with some gentle coaching along the way.

Our Skipper/Instructor is experienced and patient, encouraging everyone to learn and develop their sailing skills and confidence. Recognising that not everyone will be driven to be involved to the same extent, he will ensure that the sailing takes account of the needs of each indvidual onboard.

Let us take the hassle out of getting your group sailing. We can provide a flexible range of services from complete, all-inclusive packages through to just providing a skipper for your own boat or one that you have chartered yourself.

QL heading towards Salcombe

We are not tied to a specific location or type of yacht but, through selected suppliers, can source the ideal vessel at chosen locations.

Prices will depend upon your exact requirements but as an example, a Sunfast 37 in the Solent starts from £1,050 for a weekend in low season to £2,535 for a week in the summer. That's just £60 per person per day for crew of 6.