Quantum Sailing - Our Skipper

Quantum Sailing Skipper, Glenn Smallcombe

Quantum Sailing is run by or skipper, Glenn Smallcombe. Glenn is a highly professional, commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Ocean and RYA Yachtmaster Instructor. With more than forty thousand sea miles under his belt, he is an experienced teacher as well as having successfully completed numerous yacht deliveries.

Glenn learned to sail on a Westerly Centaur in the 1970's and spent a happy childhood pottering around the Thames Estuary, with regular trips across the channel to France, Belgium and Holland, and along the south coast of England.

Much has changed since his early days of sailing, before the advent of GPS and chartplotters, but his formative experiences started a lifelong passion. Many years later Glenn has a wealth of sailing experience on a range of vessels.

Apart from his interest in sailing, Glenn has had a successful career in IT, during which he gained considerable management experience. In 2008 he set-up Quantum Sailing and now dedicates himself full time to sailing. Running the business, skippering on charters and cruises, teaching, delivering yachts plus competing in the odd race, such as the 2013 Fastnet, keeps him pretty busy.

Glenn maintains a passion for the sea that he loves to share with others. His expertise and contagious enthusiasm, combined with his management background, mean that Glenn is a knowledgeable and calm skipper with a thoroughly professional approach.

Much of the feedback we receive focuses on what a patient and encouraging teacher Glenn is and how he instils confidence in his crew. He will make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. On deliveries, you can trust that Glenn will look after you precious yacht as if its his own.